The BIOdress: A Body-worn Interface for Environmental Embodiment

Abstract: This paper will discuss the development of a body-worn interface facilitating the communication between humans and their environment. The aim is to allow the wearer to understand the state of their natural environment through an extended state of embodiment. First, it will discuss our motivation for sustainability and the need to change our anthropocentric attitude to a more holistic one which includes the natural environment. Then, it will discuss how clothing can be seen as an immediate way of embodiment, and how computational technology and connection to the Internet of Things can contribute to   the development of wearable interfaces which expand our notion of the human body to include our natural environments. It will then introduce the BIOdress, a body-worn interface facilitating interspecies communication with a goal to create an expanded   network of embodiment. The overall objective is to encourage human empathy beyond the anthropocentric towards more sustainable development.

Author Keywords: Human-Environment Interface; Human-Plant interaction; Wearables; Interspecies communication; Anthropocentricism; sustainable design; the Internet of  Things; Technology-mediated embodiment; non-human agencies and interactions.

ACM Classification Keywords: [Information Interfaces and Presentation]: Multimedia Information Systems – evaluation/methodology

Authors: Sara Adhitya (University College London), Beck Davis (Griffith University), Raune Frankjaer (Aarhus University), Patricia Flanagan (University of New South Wales), Zoe Mahogny (University of New South Wales).

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