Flora Luma

Flora Luma is a plant controlled light-art installation. It utilises bioelectrical signals, to drive color-animation of self-illuminating objects. 

Electrical signalling constitutes a part of plant vocabulary, employed for intra- and interspecies communication.

Recent findings ascertain plants to be much
more perceptive of their environment, than previously thought. Terms like plant behaviour and plant intelligence, are entering scholarly discourse and have been the subject of both major articles in respected media and artistic exploration. Yet, the public is largely unaware of the richness of plant life and communication.

Flora Luma is designed to provide an insight into the inner workings of plant life.FloraLuma_SetUp1_2-01

An organic structure fashioned from optical fibres and cotton, provides the substrate on which the plant’s signals are displayed. The fibre-optics are illuminated by color-sequencing RGB LEDs, the velocity controlled by the frequency of the emitted signal. As the plants react to touch, the spectator can directly interact with the plant and receive visible feed-back in real-time. Plant and human become hybrid agents jointly creating unique artistic reality.

The Flora Luma prémiered at the Luminale16 in Frankfurt, Germany in March and was exhibited at the Participatory Design Conference ’16 in Aarhus, Denmark taking place in August. The exhibit was furthermore subject of a presentation titled Flora Luma:  a research-oriented artistic exploration of human-vegetal hybrid reality given at 4S/EASST in Barcelona, Spain at the start of September ’16.

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